Kiara was born and raised in Kansas city, Kansas. Her passion for health, wellness and community came at an early age. In 2013 Kiara changed her passion into reality by receiving her Licensed Practical Nursing Certification from Penn Valley Community College Health and Science Institute. Through her nursing career she was able to take a closer look into the medical approach of prevention/treatment of diseases that affected various individuals(particularly African Americans). She soon discovered the lack of proper education and prevention methods were some of the many flaws in the current health care system. Feeling like she had to do something she decided to get her 200 hour yoga training certification from KC-Fitness Link in April 2016. Her goal is to truly target the health problems in her community by blending her nursing background with her yoga training in order to effect change.

Kiara has now managed to take her passion all over the world as traveling yoga instructor. She has been able to book her own multi-city tour with a profit of 1K or MORE LESS THAN 5K FOLLOWERS—–So allow her to be a RESOURCE FOR YOU!!!!

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